2017 TechNovation Awards: Showcasing the Space Coast’s Innovative Expertise in Technology


  Company: FracTEL

  President and CEO: Michael Crown

                                                Award: Rising Star in Technology


Since 2007, FracTEL has provided business-class IP telecommunication services to carriers, service providers and businesses that require the highest level of quality, reliability and support. FracTEL was founded on the principle that settling for anything less than 100 percent customer satisfaction is simply unacceptable. FracTEL is fully committed to the understanding that it only wins if its customers do. It takes enormous pride in the fact that many of its largest customers started out as its smallest, and FracTEL has played a part in that success.

Crown provides FracTEL with an informed strategic vision, creative technical spirit and disciplined operations mindset gained through a 30-year career that includes positions with General Electric, Samsung Electronics, JDS Uniphase and multiple startup ventures.


Company: OneWeb Satellites

CEO: Brian Holz

Award: Innovative Technology Product (or Service) Large Company


OneWeb Satellites is a joint venture between OneWeb and Airbus, the world’s second largest space company to manufacture low-cost, ultra- high performing satellites at high volumes. It is in a unique position to significantly impact the space industry by investing in core capabilities that will secure its competitive advantage in spacecraft production. OneWeb Satellites stands above others in its design of satellites, as well as to launch new satellites faster than ever before. This initial production of 900 satellites, each weighing less than 150 kilograms, is planned for launch into low Earth orbit beginning in 2018 to deliver affordable Internet access globally. It creates hundreds of highly skilled manufacturing and engineering jobs, as well as thousands more throughout its broad supplier base.


Company: Moon Express

President and CEO: Robert D. Richards, Naveen Jain and Barney Pell

Award: Innovative Technology Product (or Service) Small Company



In 2010, Robert D. Richards, Naveen Jain and Barney Pell co-founded Moon Express. It was awarded a $10 million commercial lunar contract by NASA and competed in the Google Lunar X PRIZE. Moon Express is redefining the possible by exp anding Earth’s economic and social sphere to our 8th continent, the Moon. It plans to offer commercial lunar robotic transportation and data services with a long-term goal of mining the Moon for resources, including elements that are rare on Earth including niobium, yttrium and dysprosium.


Company: Space Coast FabLab

President and CEO: Tabitha Beavers

Award: Technology Cultivation


Project Based Learning is a Florida non-profit dedicated to helping individuals grow through knowledge and skill. There are three FabLabs in Central Florida, making it the largest Makerspace network in Florida. Each center offers a complete prototyping facility and serves as a collaborative creativity hub available to the entire Brevard County community. PBL provides free or at-cost training to potential students without regard to age, background or financial ability. It offers certification classes and workshops which are used as powerful resume builders to set students ahead of the job-seeking pack or to advance within their current passion or profession.


Company: Novel Engineering, Inc.

President and CEO: Misty Marot

                                                      Award: Technology Executive of the Year


Misty Marot has supported the community for the past 20 years by promoting and utilizing practices, strategies and tools that drive sustained habits. With her extensive experience in organizational management, Marot has consulted with organizations in various industries to accelerate performance, understanding that people are the most important factor in a company. She has successfully mentored, led and managed large group projects in various tasks employing these strategies in fixed-time constraints.

As the co-founder, president and CEO of Novel Engineering, Marot focuses on infusing these scientifically proven methodologies to maximize workplace motivation and performance, achieving lasting results. Marot sup ports the Novel Engineering team by cultivating employee engagement and accountability at all levels of the organization. Committed to employee and customer satisfaction, Marot believes in a team approach to leadership and mentoring.



Company: United Therapeutics

President and CEO: Martine Rothblatt

                                                      Award: Lifetime Achievement in Technology

United Therapeutics Corporation is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative products to address the unmet medical needs of patients with chronic and life-threatening conditions. It was founded in 1996 by Dr. Martine Rothblatt to help find a cure for pulmonary hypertension, a disease that ails her daughter. The company currently has five approved products on the market and an amazing pipeline that include cardiopulmonary disease treatments, monoclonal antibody therapies and glycobiology-based antiviral drugs. United Therapeutics is recognized as one of the Top 10 Corporate Citizens in the field of U.S. drug manufacturing.

Rothblatt has a history for backing edgy technological concepts. In 1990, she founded a company that was the first to use satellite frequencies assigned to television for radio. The concept ultimately became Sirius XM Radio, which is now valued at $21 billion. In 2013, Rothblatt was ranked among the highest paid female executives in the United States with a compensation of $38.2 million.