About Florida Trep

There is a word for what happens when vision is linked to a plan and an unwavering commitment. It is “enTREPreneurialism.” These daring starters – or TREPs – move ideas from university laboratories or coffee shops into vibrant scalable businesses. They find the people and link them together into dream teams that bring the unheard of into everyday use. They are the ones who are able to move from asking, “Why?” to asking, “Why not?”

They are the initiators, the networkers, the trendsetters and the trend-seers, who move disruptive technologies and approaches into the marketplace and thus change the world. TREPs are the best hope for a brighter, more promising future, and for solving today’s problems as well as tomorrow’s.

The purpose of Florida TREP is to celebrate, educate and elevate the growing enTREPreneurial ecosystem in the state of Florida and the organizations dedicated to seeing it flourish.