Alluvionic: Right-Sizing Project Management, Process Improvement and Engineering Solutions

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Masters in MIS from Florida State University, Wendy spent most of her career in corporate America implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Yet, she desired more from her job.

“I am passionate about making a difference,” Wendy said. “I love walking into a company for a short timeframe, understanding the issue and creating a solution. When opportunity presented itself, I did not want the status quo. I left the corporate world to start consulting full time.”

No Company is the Same

Founded in 2013, Wendy successfully built Alluvionic by “right-sizing” project management, process improvement and engineering product design solutions to create a positive impact for clients. With more than twenty years of experience, Wendy follows the natural flow of a company’s practices, procedures and processes based on its specific operations, needs and requirements. The result: a stronger baseline and foundation for continued growth.

By treating each company individually and understanding its unique culture, Alluvionic delivers comprehensive and customized project management solutions focused on doing the right things for the right reasons.

“We look at what a company does well and build upon that specific system,” Wendy said. “This innovative, forward-thinking philosophy generates unlimited opportunities and manageable risks from beginning to end.”

Delivering Advocacy 

By utilizing a portfolio of best-in-class project management, process improvement and engineering product design systems, Alluvionic enables companies to learn, implement and achieve definitive goals and objectives.

“We believe in doing things the right way for the right reasons,” Wendy said. “We look for clients striving for more than just Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) accreditation, but for an overall improved process management system. We set ourselves apart from competitors by offering a range of products and services.”

While CMMI, a necessary accreditation often required for U.S. government projects, is the cornerstone of Alluvionic’s services, Wendy and her team effectively lead extensive Enterprise Process Improvement, Project Management Office (PMO) and ERP implementations. In 2015, Alluvionic added engineering capabilities to the portfolio, diversifying and growing the business rapidly. Alluvionic’s speedy prototyping allows it to analyze for potential large-scale manufacturing concerns – all before the product hits the market.

“Clients will achieve timely results, while minimizing disruption to the organization,” Wendy said. “Alluvionic helps companies change processes in a less intrusive way. The processes we deploy stick and clients appreciate our system, expertise and service. Too often, a company will make changes without a proper support system performing metrics or mentoring opportunities. These companies fail and revert to their inefficient, untimely

and mismanaged ways.”

Local and National Clients

“Come to Alluvionic with an idea, and we will help it grow,” Wendy said. “Whether you are a massive company looking to design something outside-the-box or a single inventor with nothing more than a napkin concept, we are here to achieve your dream.”

Alluvionic’s national client base includes several key local and regional companies including Craig Technologies, Jabil Defense and Aerospace, Orange County Clerk of Courts, DRS Technologies and Google.

“We help DRS Technologies implement its ERP systems throughout the United States and aided Google with specific engineering capabilities,” Wendy said.

Family First

Alluvionic believes in family first and aims to make a positive impact on the lives of its employees. By striving for excellence and constantly improving each facet of the business, Alluvionic creates an environment encouraging the best from its employees.

“We are constantly looking toward the future and provide a supportive environment,” Wendy said. “Last year, we had two full-time employees. Today, we have ten full-time employees, several part-time employees and interns. Over the next year, we hope to hire another 20 employees.”

Representing the Space Coast 

In May 2017, Wendy represented more than 80 speakers from a variety of countries, backgrounds and experiences to share her knowledge of CMMI adoption and capability improvement experience at Capability Counts in Alexandria, Virginia. The series of workshops, keynotes and interactive sessions focused on delivering actionable insights on becoming a capable, mature organization.

“I was excited to participate as an industry presenter, and to be surrounded by thought leaders from around the world,” Wendy said.  “I led the session on ‘CMMI Methodologies and the Courts’ and how it applies

in the government sector by sharing our experience with the Orange County Clerk of Courts.”

In July 2017, Wendy participated in a C-level panel on integrated delivery networks within healthcare at the ELE Live Healthcare Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida. She discussed how Health First is leading the way in healthcare delivery by exploring the use of integration science and transitioning from a volume to value business model.


Alluvionic was a GrowFL’s 2017 Florida Companies to Watch finalist.

“Being selected as a finalist was a wonderful honor,” Wendy said. “We are excited to be in a position for growth. Garnering exposure such as this helps elevate our corporate profile. This was another milestone our company achieved in the short time span of four years.”

Home Sweet Home 

“Florida is home,” Wendy said. “It is a great place to grow a business and raise a family. Brevard County is business-friendly with resources that support entrepreneurs and make a positive impact in our path for success.”