Business Incubator Program: Freshorize

Freshorize was founded in 2002 by entrepreneur Aziz Patel to combat unpleasant odors from on-board restrooms during long flights. The company was the first in its industry to create a 3-in-1 soap, air freshener and moisturizer. The award- winning design is now used on many airlines, including Delta and British Airways and helps eliminate bad odors. The company’s most recent release is an all-in-one ECO cleaner for airlines.With eight signature fragrances to choose from and a large range of fragrance, cleaning and skincare products, Freshorize has quickly gained recognition as a leader in its eld. Its soap on Delta ights has received hundreds of positive reviews. Freshorize is an international company that recently expanded to the United States in 2013. Its office in Winter Springs works closely with the office in London, United Kingdom to form new ideas and build the brand.

“The Soft Landing program has allowed us to establish our London-based business in North America and grow substantially in four short years,” Patel said. “ The program connected us with nearby Florida manufacturers, and we now directly support 44 jobs.”

CEO: Aziz Patel
Location: Winter Springs
Year Founded: 2002
Primary Business: Airline supplier of proprietary lavatory-centric products