Business Incubator Program: Savage Race

If you have ever wanted to swim through 60,000 pounds of ice, crawl under barbed wire through a mud pit or slide down a 24-foot-tall structure, then Savage Race, a race with 25 obstacle courses, may be for you. This unique race experience prides itself on helping participants make lifelong memories.

The obstacle courses are the highlight of the experience, ranging from Lumberjack Lane, where participants carry heavy logs across a lake, to Sawtooth, a 35-foot monkey bar structure above water. Each race averages approximately 5.9 miles, but the distance changes depending on which location you are in. All participants are provided with RFID chips to time their journey.

CEO Sam Abbitt’s interest in obstacle racing, tness and endurance sports is what drove him to create Savage Race, which he co-founded with Lloyd Parker in 2011. “My experience with the UCF Incubation Program was excellent,” he said. “When we started Savage Race, I was pretty inexperienced. UCFBIP is set up to quickly provide the guidance and access to resources that early-stage companies need. My advice to early-stage entrepreneurs is to get involved with an incubation community like the UCF Incubation Program.”

Savage Race
CEO: Sam Abbitt
Location: Winter Park
Year Founded: 2011
Primary Business: Obstacle race course company