Florida Companies to Watch: Fit2Go

Many a successful company has grown out of one individual’s search for an innovative solution. For Cesar Quintero, it was a struggle he had with weight all his life. He tried almost every diet available in the market. After consulting a dietitian, he started exercising and eating well-balanced meals and saw how simple it was to lose weight and keep it off when doing it the right way. In 2005, Cesar got married and moved to Miami to pursue his dream of starting a business and helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Fit2Go Meals is a forward-thinking company led by company CEO Cesar Quintero. A production engineer by education and a consumer marketing executive by profession, Quintero established Fit2Go’s founding pillars on process efficiency, marketing, and customer satisfaction.

Fit2Go delivers healthy, freshly made meals to busy professionals. The customized meals are free of preservatives and MSG, part of a “heart smart” well-balanced menu designed by a professional dietitian and chef. There are enough different meal options so that customers can go two months without any repeats. Fit2Go’s unique business model combined with their commitment to addressing the real world needs of health conscious consumers positions them perfectly for growth.

Company: FIT2GO
CEO: Cesar Quintero
Location: Miami, FL
Year Founded: 2004
Primary Business: Accommodation and Food Services
Employees: 14
Growth Last Year: 19 percent
Website: www.t2gomeal.com