Florida Companies to Watch: GPS Industries, LLC

Benjamin Porter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the CEO position at GPS Industries, including over 30 years in the golf industry, both as a professional tour player and as a golf course owner and operator. GPS Industries, LLC, is the world’s leading provider of fleet tracking and telematics solutions for electronic vehicles—tracking more than 50,000 vehicles in more than 50 countries. Based in Sarasota, the company designs, manufactures and sells special tracking and management systems for eet operators of low-speed vehicles, such as golf courses, master-planned communities and resort properties.

The company, which has developed its own proprietary technology for golf cart control, has installed its technology in more than 900 eets, primarily in North America, Europe and the Middle East, making GPS Industries the dominant player in its eld. Its products manage more vehicles than either Federal Express or United Parcel Service.

A team of electrical engineers, software developers and technicians work together to bring these complex products to country clubs and other venues worldwide—providing custom applications and targeted solutions, both for the devices and the management software. In addition to the home of ce, GPS Industries has locations in Hong Kong, Great Britain, and Austin, Texas.

Company: GPS Industries, LLC
CEO: Benjamin Porter
Location: Sarasota, FL
Year Founded: 2009
Primary Business: Computer Systems Design and Related Services
Employees: 61
Growth Last Year: 19 percent
Website: www.gpsindustries.com