Finding Balance in Life: Matt Ganzak Finds Passion in Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed

From the beginning, Matthew Ganzak committed himself to assisting entrepreneurs and business owners in building effective, efficient and emphatic companies. The best-selling author of Million Dollar Plan and leading marketing strategist specializes in leveraging technology to scale businesses.


Becoming a Young Entrepreneur

In 2003, Matt was introduced to the unique entrepreneurial lifestyle at 21-years-old. Internalizing the entrepreneurial spirit, it would be a few years before Matt initiated his own business adventure. “I dropped out of college to work in radio and broadcasting,” Matt said. “A radio station owner drove through my radio market and thought the material was enjoyable, entertaining and exciting. He wanted to know who was responsible. His curiosity resulted in a phone call to me offering an opportunity to do freelance imaging for radio stations.” Matt realized the economic impact of freelancing. It was a defining moment for the young entrepreneur in the making.


In 2006, Matt joined a network marketing company. “Through my hustle, hard work and dedication, I netted $20,000 a month in sales, as a 23-year-old,” Matt explained. “Eventually, I decided to take a step back because I did not love it. Within me, I wanted to launch businesses and be an entrepreneur.”


From the Sunshine State to the Big Apple and Back

In 2007, the economy downsized and collapsed. “I was living in Tampa and owned a small marketing business building websites and doing SEO,” Matt recalled. “I began noticing business owners were not reinvesting in their entities. Many were not spending money on new websites. The economy was scary. I decided to stop what I was doing, search opportunities, and move to Los Angeles or New York City believing the two cities were more recession- proof compared to the rest of the country.”


Matt chose New York City. “I sold everything — guitars, guitar amps; anything of value. With only $300 in my pocket, I moved to the city for a job interview. I survived on eating dollar slices of pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I slept on the floor of my apartment, using my clothes as blankets in the middle of October.”


Matt’s mindset was steadfast: interview, accept and impress the company. It was the riskiest move he ever had taken. “The biggest jump I made in my entrepreneurial career was leaving my entrepreneurial career to work for another entrepreneur,” Matt stated. “I wanted to learn from a more experienced person on how to accomplish what I was already trying to do, only the right way.”


When the company’s founder (and Matt’s mentor) passed away, Matt decided to leave the company to “continue on his own journey and path.” He began ScaleUP Consulting, a marketing and consulting agency assisting startup businesses to be profitable and sustainable. “We help clients build plans, create marketing materials, acquire online capabilities and launch campaigns,” said Matt.


Eighteen months ago, Matt returned to Florida and relocated ScaleUP. “Because it is Internet-based, I could work from anywhere,” Matt said. “I moved to Naples, Florida, and it is wonderful. Young professionals have opportunities in Florida including networking, talent pools, and no personal income taxes. Other advantages are the weather, beaches and entertainment.”


Taxes, Taxes and More Taxes

When Matt reviewed ScaleUP’s first year of taxes in NYC, he realized sustainability, viability and profitability were lost to taxes; therefore, time to leave. “I lived and worked in Manhattan,” Matt said. “I was getting hit with personal and business taxes at a city, state and federal level. It was massive and unreal. I recognized it would be impossible for my start-up company to grow and expand in NYC.”


Spending Pennies toLaunch Multi-Million Dollar Companies

By learning and honing his craft, now Matt can launch multi-million dollar companies for pennies. “Originally, I thought you had to make huge investments to build an audience, brand and company. Now, ScaleUP can grow companies for a small investment paid on a credit card. I can build massive companies using Facebook, Google, and social media. For example, I ran a campaign this past February for a new client. We had a $4,000 budget for Facebook ads and generated $500,000 in new contracts.”


Florida Attracts Genuine Young Professionals

Matt is actively involved in organizations geared toward young professionals serving on the Board of Directors for the Young Professionals of Naples. He believes millennials throughout Florida are genuine, motivated and grounded. “It is a mentality I have not found anywhere else,” Matt said.


Balancing Work with Music, Sports and Beach

The notorious workaholic makes time to enjoy playing guitar, hacking up the golf course and surfing. “It is beautiful here,” Matt said. “You cannot beat Florida. I have traveled the world visiting amazing places, and believe there is no place such as Florida to live and conduct business.”