Economic Development

Job Creator: Stuart Rogel of Graylan Ventures, LLC

Stuart Rogel is an entrepreneurial-minded executive who is passionate about generating economic success for individuals, businesses, and communities. As a nationally renowned economic development advisor, Rogel spent 30 years helping startups, second-stage businesses, and Fortune 500 companies prosper. He brings community leaders together to identify, develop, and evaluate strategic roadmaps that fuel mutual growth, sustainable practices, and competitive advantages. Rogel, the founder of […]

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The National Leadership Institute: An Award-winning Producer’s Desire to Give Back

Countless nonprofits are born from a sincere, passionate desire to benefit and serve others. Yet, this is not a sufficient way to function as an effective, efficient and sustainable nonprofit. A successful organization demands and obligates leadership, governance, and strategy. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, the National Leadership Institute is committed, dedicated and emboldened to supporting, strengthening and fortifying nonprofits. It advocates, […]

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Empowered Girlz Power the World: Tech Sassy Girlz Aims to Close the Tech Gender Gap and Solve the Leaky Pipeline

What is the common denominator between Sheryl Sandberg and Laine Powell, M.Ed., MSM, founder and executive director of Tech Sassy Girlz? Both are graduates of North Miami Beach Senior High School and advocates working to close the gender gap in STEM industries. Inspired by the career success of Sandberg, Powell has embarked upon an endeavor […]

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Economic Impact: The World’s Premier Sports Destination

The Sunshine State celebrates sunny days, shimmering beaches, Mickey Mouse, rocket launches… and sports. Experiencing ideal year-round weather, incredible athletic infrastructures and talented workforces; Florida is where the world cheers and competes in baseball, basketball, football, golf, soccer, tennis, NASCAR and water activities. Whether to witness the winning home run, three-point basket, touchdown, hole-in-one, field goal, ace, lap or perfect wave; […]

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Job Creator: Kevin Carr of FloridaMakes

Kevin Carr has dedicated his career to enhancing the nation’s manufacturing sector with a focus on improving the competitiveness and profitability of small and medium- sized manufacturers. After earning an engineering degree, Carr worked at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard where he learned the critical role played by America’s manufacturers. He had the opportunity to conduct […]

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AutoNation Cure Bowl: Together, We Can Tackle Breast Cancer

College Football Hall of Fame Coach Lou Holtz said, “If what you did yesterday seems big, you have not done anything yet.” What if purchasing a ticket to a college football bowl game could create “big” economic impacts on the local community and cure cancer? The Orlando Sports Foundation hoped to accomplish these goals when […]

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Economic Opportunity: Stronger than a Storm

Hurricane Irma brought heightened anxiety and catastrophic devastation throughout Florida, while producing crashing waves, whipping winds, falling trees and collapsing infrastructures. It also induced heartwarming stories of strangers helping strangers and linemen restoring power to 5.8 million residents. The economic effects of this iconic natural disaster remain present, yet Florida proves itself to be stronger […]

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Pavement Preservation with Whitaker Contracting Corp.

With a booming economy and tourism industry attracting millions of visitors a year, Florida needs smooth roadways to keep travelers safe. Luckily, Whitaker Contracting Corporation is stepping in with an affordable solution. Founded in Guntersville, Alabama, the company is helping Florida businesses and municipalities save money and reduce their carbon footprints through pavement preservation with […]

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There’s No Place Like Home: Matthew Development Elevates Economic Growth Throughout the Space Coast

Bon Jovi once, twice, maybe a thousand times sang, “Who says you can’t go home?” For Matt Williams, these lyrics rang true in 2014 when he moved back to his hometown of Melbourne, Florida to pursue his entrepreneurial dream. Growing up with a passion for real estate, it was always Matt’s goal to find, develop […]

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Business Climate: The Florida Job Growth Fund

Encompassing an increase of 1.37 million new jobs, an unemployment rate reflecting a 10-year low, and a job growth rate surpassing the national rate for five consecutive years, there is no better place to develop, cultivate and promote a business than Florida. Throughout the past six years, state legislators cut an excess of $6.7 billion […]

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