FACTS Engineering: Automation for All

Ron McVety could not have imagined his future in 1986. Armed with a mechanical engineering degree, several years of assembly machine design experience and the foresight that everyone benefits from automation; McVety had all he needed to transform his vision into reality. “I never thought creating a company from scratch was risky,” McVety said. “I […]

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Job Creator: Kevin Carr of FloridaMakes

Kevin Carr has dedicated his career to enhancing the nation’s manufacturing sector with a focus on improving the competitiveness and profitability of small and medium- sized manufacturers. After earning an engineering degree, Carr worked at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard where he learned the critical role played by America’s manufacturers. He had the opportunity to conduct […]

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Hardware Mecca Emerges in the Space Coast and Beyond

By Jenna Buehler   From recent episodes of Shark Tank to the Netflix series, Grace and Frankie, the subject of startups and incubators is infiltrating mainstream media. Anyone tuning in knows that getting a hardware startup funded by venture capitalists is difficult because the “margins just are not there” and “dealing with China” does not […]

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They Can Keep the Big City, We’ll Take the Big Life.

Big Life on the Space Coast Extensive Career Opportunities: Space opened up more than new worlds Florida’s Space Coast is a case study for economic development and diversification. Business, government and community leaders decided a long time ago that just like education, art and parks, the health of our economy is a priority. It is why […]

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ENDOinnovation: Derek Heath and Quality Dental Products

Putting Down Roots in Central Florida By Jessica Cabot   Now located in Central Florida, the global leader in endodontic innovation for instruments is growing globally while increasing safety for dental patients. A root canal, one of people’s most feared procedures, requires a dentist to have precision instruments, sensitive techniques and finely honed skills. It […]

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OptiGrate: Lighting the Way from UCF Labs to International Markets

  By Sebastian Northside   If you work with lasers anywhere in the world, especially Taipei andMunich, you are familiar with OptiGrate Corp., a Central Florida company radically improving the way some light-based machines operate.   The company manufactures a component, essentially a bit of glass, but the invention makes lasers more precise and efficient. […]

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American Manufacturing Success Story: American Elite Molding Beats China with Made in the USA Cable Ties

  Despite fierce competition from China and a challenging economy, Robert Sires has been quietly growing American Elite Molding into a $25-million American manufacturer. Based in Crestview since 2004, American Elite Molding has become the country’s leading manufacturer of nylon cable ties in just over a decade, enjoying double digit growth every year for the […]

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