Snap, Pay and Forget: How TIKD is Revolutionizing the Ticket Industry

Before the red and blue lights flash in the rearview mirror, you hear the shrilling sound of a siren. Busted! You just got caught speeding and cannot talk your way out of this ticket. Unfortunately, you are facing hundreds of dollars in traffic fines and acquiring points against your license. Ticket to TIKD Regardless of […]

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More than Transportation: Pegasus Transportation is a One-Stop Shop

One Van, One Driver With the initiative, determination and resolve to transform the transportation industry, Fernando Pereira founded Pegasus Transportation. His vision, mission and goal interlocked to provide stress-free travel and on-time transportation to groups in Florida. Pereira began with one van and a driver – himself. Slowly, he began to acquire additional vans and […]

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Pavement Preservation with Whitaker Contracting Corp.

With a booming economy and tourism industry attracting millions of visitors a year, Florida needs smooth roadways to keep travelers safe. Luckily, Whitaker Contracting Corporation is stepping in with an affordable solution. Founded in Guntersville, Alabama, the company is helping Florida businesses and municipalities save money and reduce their carbon footprints through pavement preservation with […]

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They Can Keep the Big City, We’ll Take the Big Life.

Big Life on the Space Coast Extensive Career Opportunities: Space opened up more than new worlds Florida’s Space Coast is a case study for economic development and diversification. Business, government and community leaders decided a long time ago that just like education, art and parks, the health of our economy is a priority. It is why […]

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Human Knowledge in an Automated World: Optym Decision-Making Through Optimization

    Many businesses struggle with optimization dilemmas in today’s fast-paced, digital world. Complex decision-making once decided by humans is now resolute by innovative software solutions. Applying industry research and sophisticated algorithms, Optym specializes in developing decision automation and optimization solutions for the transportation industry.   From Professor to Entrepreneur Dr. Ravindra Ahuja, President and […]

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Bringing People Together Through Group Travel: The Meteoric Growth of HotelPlanner

By Sean O’Neal   In a state that entertains more than 100 million visitors a year, it seems reasonable that one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in this sector is in South Florida. has grown organically to become the world’s largest seller of online group hotel bookings. To put that in […]

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Hell’s Bay Boatworks: Competitive Edge with Focused “Family” Values

Walking into Hell’s Bay Boatworks in Titusville is like stepping through a time portal of sorts. In the reception area, hundreds of images of folks on boats, kids on boats, dogs on boats, and fishermen – lots of fishermen – are taped to the wall. Some are accompanied with personal letters of thanks to Capt. […]

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