Shining Light on Healthcare IT Software: X-Link Medical Software Interfacing Transforms the Healthcare Industry

Aristotle once said, “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” Gary and Mary Lynn Gorsline did just that when they founded Easy Business Software. The Gorslines immersed themselves into discovering an IT solution for the communication disconnect they experienced with doctors when their toddler was diagnosed with a severe and debilitating illness. “Chelsea was born with a horrible skin allergy, way beyond what is typically seen in medical textbooks,” Gary said. “At two years old, she had seen over 40 doctors who could not diagnose the problem or provide a treatment plan.” Mary Lynn found herself feeling frustrated with the process as she endlessly repeated the story about their daughter’s illness to different nurses, doctors, and specialists. “We had to constantly remember what previous doctors said and relay it to new doctors,” Gary explained. “My wife thought it was ridiculous Chelsea’s records could not be copied or shared to properly diagnose and treat her.”


Worried the doctors would have inaccurate information or missing information, Mary Lynn wanted to uncover a solution to the problem. This led Gary to utilize his technology know-how to develop a system where health information could be shared with appropriate medical personnel. Gary shifted his company’s efforts to focus specifically on healthcare software.


Innovation in the Healthcare Market

“When we implemented X-Link Medical Software Interfacing into Easy Business
Software’s product lineup, Mary Lynn
 and I knew where we wanted to be
and where the healthcare industry was
heading,” Gary said. The goal was to
create software that could transfer medical information from one doctor to another. “We wanted to connect the clinical data – doctor notes, immunizations and lab results,” Gary said. “At the time, there were only a handful of companies venturing into healthcare software. Today, there are hundreds of healthcare IT companies. We built a concept way ahead of our time. We did not realize it would take until 2013-2014 for the market to catch up with our vision.”


Twenty-nine years later, X-Link Medical Software Interfacing is the industry standard for integrating disparate clinical and practice management systems. It provides unified integration for over two-thirds of the practice management systems used in the one to three physician market. It is real-time middleware offering end-users the capabilities to exchange data between medical software packages and data service providers produced by various manufacturers. The exchange of data occurs with a variety of formats and is carried over a variety of interconnects including network file sharing, TCP/IP, HTTPS, SFTP, serial connections and proprietary connections. The software saves time, reduces errors, increases efficiency and improves patient care.


Relocating to the I-4 Corridor

Gary and Mary Lynn moved from New York to Central Florida before founding Easy Business Software and developing X-Link Medical Software Interfacing. Gary explained, “The I-4 Corridor attracted us to the Sunshine State over thirty years ago. The area was young and industrial. We knew it was expanding and evolving. Plus, Florida had great weather and low taxes.”


Today, the I-4 Corridor spans 23 counties linking three
research universities, 14 community and state colleges,
more than 20 local and regional economic development
organizations, various industries and thousands of innovative businesses. Easy Business Software plays a dynamic, active and efficient role in the development, advancement, and growth of healthcare IT and medical software throughout the I-4 Corridor community. Its products and services reliably and securely transfer medical data for hundreds of healthcare systems and over 22,000 caregivers nationwide.


Vision to Impact

Easy Business Software prides itself as a contributing member of the local, regional and state community. It was chosen as a 2016 “Florida Companies to Watch” by GrowFL for its impact in the healthcare industry and Florida’s economy. “The connectivity we envisioned all those years ago is finally on the threshold of mass adoption,” Gary said. “We are focused, determined and motivated to make modern healthcare more effective and efficient for doctors and patients in Florida and throughout the US.”