Vision Engineering Solutions: Grow, Retain, Recruit

Grow, retain, recruit, it is the trifecta of economic development and like a three-legged stool, if you remove any one of these three elements the whole structure topples over. Our state is doing quite well in all three, which goes a long way in explaining why the state continues to experience steady growth.

Florida is fast becoming a leader in imports and exports, with merchandize trade valued at $147 billion flowing through our sea and air ports. Florida is ranked No. 2 in infrastructure, moving commerce, residents and almost 100 million tourists a year. We are ranked as the 3rd largest workforce in the country with over 9.7 million diversely trained personnel, of which 267,500 are high-tech workers.

Though Florida is home to many large corporations, the real job creators and local community investors are the scaling second stage companies. One of these up and comers is Vision Engineering Solutions, whose Chief Technology Officer is John Stryjewski.

John Stryjewski PhD, Vision Engineering Solutions
John could have spent his career in academia or research, having earned his PhD, along with his BS and MS, in Physics from the prestigious Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. But like many who take innovation to the market, he leveraged his expertise in electro-optical sensors (EO), which he honed working as a lead scientist for the Navy and NASA to name a few, in laser optics and tracking devices and launched Vision Engineering Solutions (VES).

Their team has developed a number of proprietary optical tracking devices. VES combines an expertise in both the most sophisticated laser/optical hardware, along with proprietary software which gives the company a growing market edge.

With the continuing rise of satellite and manned space travel, both commercially and in governmental alliances, their ability to provide high resolution images of launches and for that matter any moving object whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial, is quite extraordinary. They are another example of why the world is beginning to take notice of Florida for more than just tourism.