Introducing our new Senior Editor – Alisha Crabtree

Florida Trep
Millennials are a larger generation than the baby boomers. In some quarters, they are getting a bad rap; but, being one of those babyboomers, I’m not sure our “Greatest Generation” parents thought we were so great. The millennials I have met are inquisitive, entrepreneurial and creative and it is a real pleasure to introduce you to one of them, Alisha Crabtree, our new Senior Editor of Florida TREP.
Alisha, I have found, embraces new challenges and approaches life with a positive, enthusiastic attitude. The entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic drive were instilled in her at a very young age. “My grandfather was an entrepreneur in Brevard County, a very successful developer and builder,” Alisha said. “I grew up watching him conduct business deals on a handshake and giving a hand-up to those in need of a little extra help. My parents reinforced those values teaching me to always give back to my community through talent, time and treasure.”
The values imparted by her grandparents and parents earned her the Florida’s Points of Light Award under Governor Jeb Bush in 2007 for her philanthropic efforts in high school. In 2015, she spearheaded the “Our American Heroes” Campaign, a community-wide fundraising campaign bestowing honor to military, law enforcement and firefighters. The campaign netted $13,000 distributed to the Independence Fund for a “track” chair for an injured military veteran.
As a graduate of Elon University in North Carolina, Alisha earned her Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications with minors in Business Administration and Human Services. After graduation, Alisha worked in public relations with Fortune 500 clients and non-profit organizations. In 2016, she earned her MBA in Business Administration emphasizing Healthcare Management from Florida Institute of Technology. Alisha said, “I enjoy working on creative campaigns with diverse clients. I am excited to join the Florida TREP team, building the adventure, spirit, courage, drive and dream of entrepreneurs highlighted in this magazine.”
– Eric Wright, Publisher