Woof Gang Bakery: The Pet Industry’s Top Dog

The pet industry witnessed continuous, viable and sustainable growth for more than 20 years. Today, the industry generates an estimated $63 billion in sales.

Woof Gang Bakery is a notable and innovative specialty retailer of pet foods, supplies, and grooming services. It understands the motivating force that propels the market’s phenomenal performance – adoration, affection, and love for a furry, four-legged, tail-wagging friend. For man’s best friend, the demand for the finest products is distinguishable and unflappable.


Paul Allen, founder and president of Woof Gang Bakery, opened his first store in Jupiter, Florida in November 2007. His entrepreneurial inspiration to open a specialty store emulated after he noticed mainstream pet stores lacked quality service.

“As a dog owner, I never felt that I received the service I deserved when entering a pet store,” Allen said. “I made it my goal to open a chain of stores that personally knew its customers.”


Woof Gang Bakery is committed to the well-being, health, and happiness of pets. It offers the best in pet care by providing reliable products, exceptional services, and competitive prices. Each location is a convenient, neighborhood store with connections to the local community.

“Traveling to multiple stores and running errands for your pet is time-consuming,” Allen said. “We understand this can cause frustration; therefore, our mission is to be the one-stop shop fulfilling all your pet’s needs. We are passionate about providing proper nutrition, supplies, and care for your pet.”

Woof Gang Bakery stocks healthy dog and cat food from a variety of all-natural brands including specialty treats, raw cuisine, frozen products, kibble, canned diets and dehydrated food. Additionally, each store carries a variety of unique doggie items including fuzzy and tough toys, fashionable accessories, collars, leads and spa products.

Other services include grooming and day care allowing you to fulfill all your pet needs at one location. Woof Gang Bakery provides both professional and self-service grooming, at select locations. A certified, experienced groomer can pamper your pet while you shop, or you can avoid making a mess in your home bathroom and enjoy bathing your pet by using Woof Gang’s supplies and facilities. Associates clean up after you, so self-service grooming is hassle-free. Additionally, Woof Gang Doggie Day Care offers a safe environment for monitored interaction with other dogs. Whether you are at work or just need a day off, the well-trained associates give professional care and personal attention to your dog.


With strong competitors including PetSmart and Petco, how has Woof Gang Bakery become successful? Allen not only credits its high-quality products and services but its dedicated and friendly staff.

“We know our clients,” Allen said. “When you walk into our store, you will instantly feel welcomed and appreciated.”

The strong company culture persists due to its genuine concern for the well-being of its employees. With low turnover rates, Woof Gang Bakery works to ensure employees are placed in positions they will enjoy and have opportunities for vertical advancement within the company.

“The top three people in Woof Gang Bakery began their careers by working in a retail store,” Allen said. “Today, they run the company.”


Claiming multiple awards under its belt, Woof Gang Bakery’s reputation is propelling itself as the premier pet retailer chain in the country. In 2016, it received the Retailer of the Year Franchise Award from Pet Product News and the Multi-Service Excellence Award from Pet Business Media. It earned a spot among the nation’s Top 25 Retailers by Pet Business magazine. Recently, the company was named best overall multi-unit retailer by Pet Business Media and recognized by Pet Insight magazine as one of the nation’s fastest growing pet chains. Additionally, it was recognized as a Florida Companies to Watch winner by GrowFL.


“Your Neighborhood Pet Store” resembles a mom-and-pop business greeting frequent customers and pets by name. However, Woof Gang Bakery encompasses 93 locations in 11 states across the United States. Florida alone has reached 37 locations and has established itself as a respected brand in the pet industry.

In 2018, Woof Gang Bakery’s forecast includes opening a new store location every seven to 10 days. Several of these new locations will vary from the average retail store. For example, the company plans to open boutique style stores in airports and malls. At its Boca Raton location, customers will find a full-service veterinary clinic, where your pet receives everything from wellness exams and dental care to surgeries. It is in the process of rolling out “Woof Gang Wellness Clinics” in other store locations.

Woof Gang Bakery recognizes pets are faithful companions and family members bringing unconditional joy, unwavering affection, and unfaltering devotion. In return, Woof Gang Bakery helps pet owners show love, gratitude, and appreciation to their furry pals.

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